17 Movie Bloopers That Have Become An Eyesore To Viewers

Film crews usually spend a year or more to finish filming. Without a doubt, filming is a time-consuming and complicated process. So there are many hours of shooting and many reshoots for multiple reasons, including that some actors can put on the wrong costumes or accessories, and even the most professional and talented actors sometimes forget lines. Certainly, we can say bloopers are avoidable when the crews start to film.

The thing is that some directors sometimes make a mistake on purpose as if trying to send a hidden message to viewers. But die-hard fans should never mistake it for a blooper or a fake blooper with an unbelievable message.

Let’s take a look at 17 bloopers that have become an eyesore to attentive viewers. Keep scrolling down and check them out!

#1 Robert De Niro’s character in “The War” with Grandpa grabbed his right knee after falling. But, look! His left knee was bandaged afterward.

#2 In the movie “Don’t look up”, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character left his phone in the car phone mount. But as soon as he got out of the car, his phone was already in his pocket.

#3 In the movie The Lost City, Sandra Bullock’s character wore a very tight jumpsuit that has no pockets. Where did she put her phone?

#4 In the Don’t Look Up closing credits, Jonah Hill’s character bag is floating in space. However, it actually was in the character’s hand in the next scene.

#5 In “The Lost City”, Daniel Radcliffe’s character traveled by car. But a moment before that, you can see that there was no one in the passenger seat.

#6 It is unclear how Wonder Woman carried a huge sword on her back.

#7 In Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the people on the street incredibly disappeared and reappeared during the meeting of Dumbledore and Credence.

#8 In the comedy Marry Me, the call on Jennifer Lopez’s phone screen was still connected, even though she ended the call, according to the story.

#9 In the movie Don’t Look Up, the gloves on the female lead’s hand appeared and disappeared during the discovery scene.

#10 In the movie Casino Royale, the armrest under the character’s right arm changed position continuously.

#11 In the movie House of Gucci, Lady Gaga’s character was listening to music on her portable cassette player. But these players were not introduced until a year after the events shown in the film.

#12 In the action movie Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson’s character handed a glass of water to Ryan Reynolds. But in the next scene, Dwayne was holding the glasses.

#13 The confetti on the heads of the main characters in Death on the Nile changed position as the camera angle changed.

#14 In the musical West Side Story, one of the mirrors was questionably opaque. This was probably done to avoid showing the crew’s reflections.

#15 The old car found in “Red Notice” would never start because the battery will die after 90 years of storage.

#16 In the movie The Witches, the grandmother dragged the curtains to show the boy’s room. But when the camera angle changed, the right curtain looked totally different.

#17 A slice of banana stuck to the cheek of the main character in Cruella became bigger in just a few seconds.

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