Amber Heard’s PR Team Admits Bruise Photos Are Fake In Leaked Email

In A Series Of Leaked Emails, An Apparent Source From The ‘Aquaman’ Star’s Party Apologizes To A Journalist For Threatening Her And Her Family In An Attempt To Stop Her From Publishing Damning Articles About The Actress.

AceShowbiz – Amber Heard‘s PR team allegedly admitted that photos of her bruises that were used to support her claims of Johnny Depp‘s alleged abuse in a defamation trial were fake. In a series of leaked emails, an apparent insider from her party admitted that the actress “is guilty.”

“I owe you an explanation” about “whats actually happening,” the leaked email began. “The truth is,” the insider revealed, is that “Amber is guilty” but an entire PR firm has been employed to help “discredit” the verdict against her in the defamation case.

The team allegedly intended to “twist” the facts involved in the case and tried to discredit Johnny in an attempt to win back favor for Amber. “I heard the audios of Amber confessing to assaulting Johnny and of course her bruised photos are fake,” the source went on to claim.

In the initial threatening note, someone warned journalist Jessica Kraus against publishing damning articles about Amber. “You’re in great danger if you release Part 4 of Amber Heard fake s*s party stories. You don’t wanna mess with us. Think of your family Your choice,” read the note.

The same person then apologized to Jessica, “I would like to apologize to you and your family for what I wrote in my previous email that looked like a threatening email to and your family. That was dumb intention. I am not going to engage in this anymore.”

The email further went on to allege that “the unsealed doc was seen as a massive opportunity to shift the scale, even going so far as misrepresenting the facts. [Kat] Tenbarge from NBC News is part of that effort. She plans to target you this month with a hitpiece about your lies.”

According to the source, Kat was “hired as some sort of strong arm to combat the truth.” The PR team allegedly was “going as far as twisting the unseal documented to make Depp look bad. That’s why you saw bunch of articles of MSM promoting this.”

In response to the threats, Jessica wrote back, “I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt – that maybe this ‘hit piece’ is just a rumor. Which I’m happy to ignore. And if that’s the case, please accept my apologies in advance.”

“If not – if in fact this is a working endeavor, and you think you’re going to slander me in print, for telling the truth, after conspiring with a team who threatens independent journalists and their family members with hints of violence, I’ll make sure your name is forever attached to every threat I receive from here on out,” she continued, before adding, “People will know you for your allegiance to PR thugs, instead of your words or articles.”

On June 1, the jury found Amber guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny. She was ordered to pay him $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, though the court reduced the punitive damages to $350,000 due to state law limit.

Amber has been laying low since she lost in the defamation case. She was recently seen on a vacation in Tel Aviv, during which she was spotted pushing an empty stroller.

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