Amelka Zak: Teen who hugged Meghan Markle says she ‘looks up’ to her and ‘wanted her to feel welcome’

WINDSOR, ENGLAND: The Duchess of Sussex is finally getting some show of support in the UK. Meghan had accompanied her husband, Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate Middleton, for a walkabout on Saturday, September 10, greeting the public a couple of days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. There, she received a warm hug from a teen girl.

Speaking to CNN, the 14-year-old, Amelka Zak said, “We were just waiting for her to come, and she just came near me and asked my name, and how my day was, how long I was waiting.” Talking about the hug, she said, “I asked if she could have a hug, and she hugged me back. It was just quite an amazing moment. I’m still shaking now.” This comes after another woman had brutally snubbed Meghan during the same public appearance.

It was a pleasant surprise for the crowd to see the two brothers together with their wives as they viewed the plethora of floral tributes for the late Queen and were greeted by an outpouring of well-wishers. They spent nearly 45 minutes touring the grounds and talking to the public. While there were concerns about the ‘Suits’ actress not being welcome by the throng of mourners, the young girl’s actions must have eased the Duchess’ mind.

In the interview, Zak said what prompted her was that she looked up to Meghan in certain regards and that “it just felt like it was the right thing to do.” The interviewer then questioned her, “Why do you feel a bit of sympathy for her? Just because of the Queen’s passing or because of her relationship with the royal family?” “I guess both. It was quite nice to see William and Kate and Meghan and Harry together,” she replied, adding, “But I just wanted to like show her that she’s, like, welcome here, I guess. And wanted to hug her after everything that’s happened, really, now.”

According to People, Kensington Palace revealed that the newly named Prince of Wales, William invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to accompany him and his wife to tour the cascade of tributes and greet the public. One source also reveals that Prince William’s invitation was part of an “important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.” Notably, King Charles III, in his first speech as monarch, had also extended an olive branch towards the Sussexes, saying, “I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

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