Artists slammed over questionable mural of the late Queen Elizabeth II

Artists are roasted over questionable mural of the late Queen Elizabeth II: ‘More than a little off’

  • Two artists have been slammed after a picture of their Queen mural went viral
  • Jignesh and Yash Patel spent six days painting the Queen in Hounslow, London
  • People have roasted the work and claim it looks ‘a little off’ or like Donald Trump

A larger-than-life painting of the late Queen Elizabeth has been described as ‘the second worst thing’ to happen to the monarchy in the last week.

The huge mural which was created by artists Jignesh and Yash Patel covers an entire wall of the Hounslow East Metro Tube Station but has earned little praise.

In fact the artwork, which many describe as being ‘more than a little off’, has been mercilessly roasted since a picture was shared online.

‘I am sure they meant well but Christ on a bike it is awful,’ one monarchist wrote on Facebook.

While others said it is better if you ‘squint a little or a lot’.

The painting took the two artists six days to create.

‘This artwork will not only give the tribute to the Queen but also will be a piece of art that will be enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK for many years to come,’ Jignesh said.

But people struggled to see the Queen in the image.

‘It looks more like the Queen mother, did someone send them the wrong image or have they just never seen her before and decided to make it up?’ one person asked.

‘Just me or is this a hastily repurposed tribute to Charlie Drake?’ another laughed.

While many pointed out the resemblance to former US President Donald Trump.

Some people stood up for the artists and said the work was ‘quite good’.

‘Better than nine out of ten people could do, it is recognisably the Queen,’ one man said, only to be teased.

The Patels posted a picture of their intended mural on September 11, telling the community they were excited to make the loving tribute to the Queen.

They also explained they have been entered into the Guinness World Records five times as artists.

The artists defended their work online and explained the photo which went viral was the ‘unfinished piece’.

But others doubled down and commented on the artists’ completed work letting them know they ‘were not impressed’.


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