California Woman With Dementia Dies After Being Given Dishwashing Liquid Instead Of Juice

A woman in California has died after being served what is said to have been dishwashing liquid instead of juice. The woman, who suffers from dementia and lives in a residential home, was one of three people who went to the hospital with severe blisters in their mouths and throats.

The woman’s daughter, Marcia Cutchin, confirmed that her mother, Gertrude Elizabeth Murison Maxwell, had died.

The living facility issued a statement that read, in part, “We have been working with local authorities, who have informed us that one resident passed away. Our sincerest condolences are with the family.”

A source told local news, “There may have been a mistake. A jug of grape juice is what somebody thought they had picked up and poured into glasses, but it was some sort of cleaning fluid.”

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