‘Everything is a facade’: TikToker calls Meghan Markle a SPOILT BRAT who hides behind ‘kind words’ in public

Meghan Markle’s seven-minute gender equality speech delivered on Monday, September 5th, has sparked controversy, this time drawing criticism from several quarters. A woman from Australia has labeled the Duchess of Sussex a “spoilt brat” for her ‘disingenuous’ speech. Notably, this was Markle’s first in-person speech in the UK since the Sussexes stepped back from their royal duties in 2020.

The TikTok user who goes by the username Gowokegobrokeaus also called the seven-minute long speech a “trainwreck” and called the former ‘Suits’ actress a “diva” on Wednesday, September 7, in a clip that was captioned “Meghan is unravelling.”

Addressing the attendees at the One Young World summit at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, Markle mentioned that “it is very nice to be back in the UK.” The audience of the summit comprised some of the “brightest young leaders from every country and sector.” Speaking to them, she urged them to “cement their place in history” by working to “create a better future.”

However, the TikToker criticized Markle’s speech, adding that it did not sound “genuine” but was rather “rehearsed and contrived.” In the clip, she said, “Who saw Meghan Markle’s speech?… It was a trainwreck, she has not had a good run lately. All of this publicity she is doing is doing her no favors at all.” Gowokegobrokeaus went on to say, “I really want to like her because I like Harry, and he seems like a really nice genuine person,” adding, “I think the problem with her is that she is so not genuine and everything that comes out of her mouth just seems like it’s so rehearsed and so contrived.”


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The young Australian even claimed that Markle is trying to build a persona, presenting herself as another Oprah Winfrey. However, she lacks the backstory and battles of the iconic talk show host. “She’s trying to be inspiring through her words and her speeches but she doesn’t do anything in her life to really back that up,” the TikTok user said, in the video that has since gained over 16,500 views, adding, “She contradicts all of those kind words that she says in public by being a complete diva and spoilt brat in private.”

The young Aussie also drew a line between who Meghan is and who she portrays herself to be. “It’s really hard to connect her public persona with her private persona … It’s really hard to feel like we have a connection with her true self or that we know who she really is because everything is behind a facade.”


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