Heartwarming moment Meghan comforts Harry as he looks at tributes for the Queen

Judi James told FEMAIL: ‘This is a phenomenal and unexpected scene that displays some natural caution and awkwardness in the body language, although as a statement of intent it seems choreographed as something of a loving tribute the Queen and in some ways the new King, who took what was maybe the first step in speaking of his love for Harry and Meghan in his recent speech.

‘The four line up together to suggest some form of unity and it is William, with his puffed chest and air of confidence, who looks like the leader and instigator. Harry performs some clothing touch anxiety rituals but Meghan seems to be on hand to offer comfort, support and encouragement.’

Meghan Markle tonight received a mixed reaction from a crowd in Windsor as she returned to royal life alongside Prince Harry for a surprise appearance with the Prince and Princess of Wales.

King Charles III’s warring sons Prince William and Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan all appeared in black at Windsor Castle this evening to inspect the sea of floral tributes laid outside the gates of the Berkshire estate in tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

While the foursome were greeted by applause as they walked through the gates of Windsor Castle together to honour the legacy of Her Majesty, other moments between the British public and the Duchess of Sussex appeared not to run as smoothly.

Meghan was seen cooing over babies in the crowd and even offered hugs out to some of the mourners waiting – but others in the crowd greeted Meghan with stony faces this evening as she took part in the walkabout.

Royal fans have been going wild online as the new Prince and Princess of Wales were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a walkabout in Windsor tonight.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were greeted by applause as they walked along the gates of Windsor Castle together as they honoured the legacy of Her Majesty – temporarily putting aside the differences sparked by Megxit which have fractured the Royal Family in recent years and plunged the British monarchy into one of its most severe ever crises.

Many of those watching the scenes were amazed by the surprise joint appearance, and took to Twitter to share their happiness that the Fab Four had reunited.

One excited royal watcher commented: ‘The Fab Four. Finally reunited publicly.’

At one moment, a small Paddington Bear was given to William, which he passed on to an aide. He was seen lightly touching Kate’s back at one moment as she crouched down again to speak to a child at the front of the gates. Kate crouched down at one moment and began speaking to a child who had started to cry. The child stopped crying when Kate approached her.

One well-wisher who spoke to Harry and Meghan told MailOnline:’It’s lovely to see them both together. Maybe they can get back to a proper relationship. Lovely ripple went through the crowd as they approached. Hopefully the healing between Harry and his brother can start now. I’m just so excited to have seen them both together. It’s lovely.’

In a rare shared public appearance, William and Kate and Harry and Meghan appeared together outside the gates of Windsor Castle today.

The wives – wore black dresses – while their husbands had black ties – as they paused to look the hundreds of floral tributes left by the public.

Bystanders were amazed to see both brothers with as it was earlier suggested only William and Kate would be there.

It is the first time the princes have been seen together in public since the opening of a statue to their mother Diana in July last year.

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