‘I’m 52 but people say I look decades younger – facial exercises are key’

‘I’m 52 but people say I look decades younger – but it’s not due to pricey skincare’

People were stunned by the woman’s youthful looks as she has shown off her glowing skin online – but instead of pricey skincare treatments, she swears by one simple alternative that has given her a ‘natural facelift’

Out of all the skin concerns that we try to tackle in our beauty regimes, banishing signs of ageing is the biggest bugbear for many people who are desperate to retain their youthful appearance. Anti-ageing skincare is a booming industry as the market is saturated with endless creams, serums and tools that promise to reverse wrinkles and firm up sagging skin – but few provide genuine results and many people resent the idea of forking out huge wads of cash for botox or other cosmetic procedures.

One 52-year-old woman has revealed how she ‘ages backwards’ as many people have been in shock at her real age, remarking that she looks decades younger.

It’s good news for those on a budget, as many of her anti-ageing holy grails come from natural methods. Ella, who goes by @ agelessella on TikTok, has sworn by facial exercises for years and thanks them for giving her a ‘natural facelift’.

“I look a lot better now than I used to look in my 30s,” the woman argued.

Showcasing her glowing complexion on the social media app, Ella shared four secrets to banishing the appearance of fine lines, a sagging jawline and a dull complexion – and they are seriously simple to follow.

The skincare guru detailed her tips in the comments section on her video, initially suggesting that people who are struggling with signs of ageing can try a new hairstyle, or haircut – or even dye your hair to shake things up.

Secondly, Ella says you can try ‘natural teeth bleaching’ using lemon juice for a ‘brighter, whiter smile’.

Then, the woman urged people to ‘update your make-up products’ as those with more mature skin have different needs to someone in their early Twenties, for example.

Lastly, the 52-year-old shared her ‘biggest tip’ for anti-ageing, saying: “Start doing facial exercises!! I swear these are what help me hold back the years…”

Ella has shared various tutorials for different facial exercises on her TikTok page, one of which promises to ‘reduce your double chin’.

“I started doing facial exercises in my late thirties and because of this, I’m now in my fifties looking like I’m still in my thirties!” she wrote on her blog.

Ella rejects the claims that she has had fillers or botox to improve her appearance, instead insisting that it’s all natural with facial exercises and skincare.

Many people on TikTok have complimented Ella’s looks, sharing their shock at her age. One said “50 what?!” while another commented “you’re 52??? how??!?????” before a third wrote that the looked 25.

Another shocked TikTok user wrote: “Nope need to see a birth certificate. There’s no way”.

Others jokingly point out that the woman’s youthful appearance may be partially down to her being single, with one person writing: “That’s what single does for you lol no stress!”.


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