I’m plus size and am accused of wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfits – I don’t get it, everything’s covered that should be

SHE’S a plus size body positivity advocate, who frequently takes to social media to show off her fashion-forward looks.

But Ella Donnelly frequently finds herself attracting rude comments from trolls, many of whom insist that her ensembles are “inappropriate”.

Ella recently posted a video on TikTok from a year ago, in which she was seen walking through town in a cleavage and stomach-baring green top and colourful trousers.

In the clip, she was talking about some boys who had been rude about her wearing the outfit the night before.

She wrote over it: “I made this video nearly a year ago and I still haven’t worn this outfit once because of how insecure these boys made me feel.

“Words hurt, whether you meant it that way or not, them boys ruined my night commenting on MY body.”

People then took to the comments section of the video, with one person writing: “I don’t know but doesn’t seem like an appropriate outfit to be walking around town in.”

Ella then responded in another video as she wore the green top with black trousers.

“How is this not appropriate?” she mused.

“In any aspect of life, how is this not appropriate? What?

“That baffles me.”

“it covers everything it should be,” she added in the caption.

Another person suggested the green top, which had long sleeves, was actually meant to be swimwear.

“That’s a bikini top. Your whole attire is beachwear. Anyway, you do you,” they wrote.

To which Ella shared another video, and said: “How in God’s green Earth is this a bikini top?

“I’m sorry but it’s just not a bikini top. Just because it shows a little bit of my chest and a little bit of my stomach, doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate.

“It’s actually beautiful – I forgot how beautiful it was.”

She was also a big fan of this blue crop top when she tried it on

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