Jason Momoa shaves hair while calling for the elimination of single-use plastics

Jason Momoa has ditched his trademark long, flowing hair for a good cause.

The “Aquaman” actor, 43, shared a video to Instagram on Monday from Hawaii in which he is seen getting his signature locks shaved while calling for the elimination of single-use plastics.

“be better at protecting our land and oceans. we need to cut single use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas,” he wrote in the caption, cheersing to “new beginnings” and asking fans to “spread the aloha.”


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In the video, Momoa holds two long braids of his hair that have already been chopped off while clippers were used to take care of the remnants of his previously shoulder-length ‘do.

The “Dune” actor said it was “just so sad” to see pollution caused by single-use plastics. “So, please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your life. Help me,” he pleaded.

Momoa’s post garnered support from celebrities pals like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” star Marisa Tomei and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Dave Bautista in the comments section.

“Whaaaaat?!!! 😱 Committed AF,” Bautista wrote, along with a heart emoji.

Tomei left a similar comment, expressing surprise at the decision with a heart emoji as well.

Others thanked Momoa for bringing attention to a worthy cause. “mahalo for advocating to create a better world for future generations to come. spreading aloha not just to the people around us but the places that provide for us. Aloha ʻĀina,” the nonprofit group Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii wrote in comment.

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