A restaurant shamed my big boobs — and made me cover up with a lost & found scarf

A woman who thought she’d dressed in a “classy” outfit allegedly ended up being told to cover up after it violated the dress code at an upscale restaurant.

TikTok user @slayraslaye uploaded the 7-second clip showing her face in her hands after reportedly being slapped with a dress code violation by a fancy restaurant.

“When you get dresscoded at an upscale restaurant,” she wrote over the video — first shared in early August 2021 — which showed her wearing a scarf around her shoulders that apparently had been borrowed from the restaurant’s lost and found bin.

“Yes this scarf belongs to the restaurant,” she captioned the clip, which was accompanied by a vocal and piano track. “I didn’t know these were the vibes.”

The TikToker gave followers a quick look at her outfit, which appeared to be a green-colored, low-cut crop top.

The clip has been viewed more than 710,000 times, with many people admitting they aren’t surprised she was told to cover up.

“Most upscale restaurants have dress codes, usually business/smart casual,” one user pointed out.

Yes this scarf belongs to the restaurant… i didn’t know these were the vibes #SummerMashup #fypシ

♬ original sound – pippa and beatrice <3
“You look gorgeous but no formal restaurant would allow that top,” someone else wrote.

“If I go to a fancy restaurant I wouldn’t want the other guest [to] look like they’re at the club,” agreed another.

“I wear business [casual] to work but wouldn’t be allowed to wear this top there,” another pointed out, with many saying they also have strict dress codes for men.

“But that is clearly a fancy w–re outfit, not a regular w–re outfit. You look classy as hell,” a user wrote, with the original poster replying: “That’s what i was thinking.”

People often share TikTok stories of being kicked out, told to cover up or otherwise shamed in restaurants due to the way they are dressed.

In April, a Los Angeles podcaster was celebrating her birthday when a woman at the table next to her allegedly shamed her for her “distracting” breast size — and the offended patron moved to another table.


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