Man shares ‘amazing’ encounter with Queen after he helped her move stuck car

The man said his family was once stunned to discover the Queen in need of help, when her Range Rover and horse box got stuck in mud near Sandringham, Norfolk

Following the Queen’s death, many people have been fondly reminiscing on times they met the iconic monarch. But perhaps no tale is quite so surprising as that of one man, who once had a chance encounter with Queen Elizabeth II, while his family was out enjoying a stroll in Norfolk.

The walker, who was then a teenager, remembers the meeting all these years later. And how could he forget? The “amazing” experience, as he dubbed it, is a story for the ages. You see, the stranger claims he stumbled upon Her Majesty when her car got stuck in some mud.

Luckily, his family were on hand to help, and the scene that ensued sounds like it came straight off the page of a comedy sketchbook. But is true, albeit surprising, according to the storyteller.

Writer Thom Goddard claims he stumbled across the Queen following a walk on Holkham Beach, Norfolk, which was known to be popular with Her Majesty.

Then 17, he had been enjoying a walk with actress mum, Liza Goddard, 72, and his stepfather, the late TV producer and director, David Cobham.

The year was 1994, and the family were enjoying Easter together when they came across an enormous Range Rover stuck in the mud, with a tiny lady behind the wheel.

And when she wound down her window, Thom and his late stepfather were stunned to see it was Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen shook her car phone and said: “I have no connection. Can one give one a push?”

Recalling the day, Thom said: “All I remember was this tiny woman behind this enormous car.

“When she wound the window down to reveal her face, I thought ‘oh my god’.”

“We gave her a push and helped her out of the mud and then she drove away without saying thank you. It was quite amazing.”

He added: “The most surprising thing was she was on her own.

“I assume she must have been out riding at Sandringham.”

The man also said he met the Queen on four other occasions at garden parties – and he was quick to praise her lovely and polite behaviour, during every meeting.

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