Man who claims to be Charles’ son ‘can’t look at his kids as he sees the Queen’

Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, a man who claims Charles and Camilla are his parents say he has been struggling to look at his own children because he sees the nan he never met in them

A man claiming to be the illegitimate son of King Charles and Camilla said he can’t look at his own children because they remind him of Queen Elizabeth.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day insists that he is the son of the royal couple, conceived long before they got married, and has even asked for a DNA test to prove his outlandish claim.

His remarkable claims have seen him occupy space in the headlines for years and now, following the death of Her Majesty the Queen, he is keen to push forward with proving his heritage.

Speaking to 7NEWS, Dorante-Day made a series of statements about his relationship with the Royal Family and about how he feels following the news of the death of the Queen.

Among them, he said that he is finding it hard to look at his own children, of which there are nine, because some of them remind him so much of his ‘grandmother’, who he refers to as ‘Lilibet’.

Speaking to the broadcaster he said: “It’s hard at the moment because every time I look at one of them [his children] I see her.

“So that kind of brings the grief on.

“A lot of my friends are also mourning that the Queen’s passed, and they’re quite sad. To see them brings it back. It’s right in your face, it’s not something you can ignore.”

At 56 years old, Dorante-Day believes Charles and Camilla had him when the monarch was just 17 before he was passed on to people who had worked for them at the time.

Despite some asking whether his hopes of staking his claim were now dashed by Charles ascending to the throne, he says he has not been deterred.

“There has been a discussion in there between a judge and myself and his barrister about the legal standing of Charles, and whether the monarch is protected by the law or is above the law,” he said.

“And the answer to that was no – they told me that we don’t see any reason why he is.

“And secondly, Camilla and her family are certainly not above the law. So that argument’s already been had and settled.

“A lot of people were concerned that when Charles rose to be monarch that it would damage my case.

“But it’s not going to make any difference legally, it’s still pressing ahead the same way.”


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