Men And Women – We Are So Different…

Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars-This goes the old adage and we can’t agree more to this saying. While men tend to oversimplify things women want to make sure that they overcomplicate things. A man is worried about something but a sudden spurt in his step enables him to change his mood while women on the other would be happy but they would keep thinking and then become unhappy. This is how we can sum up the differences between the two genders.

Getting ready for work

The way men and women operate are two separate worlds functioning in unison and completely different at the same time, one would be bewildered at the thought of how would two entirely different ecosystems coexist.

Clothes for different occasions

Men tend to keep things simple and prefer having one outfit for all seasons while women on the other hand meticulously plan their every outfit for each occasion.

What do they do when they expect someone to come?

When a girl’s crush texts her saying he would be coming in to meet her, they get all worked up while the boys would casually take that and rather be excited about what would happen later.

What happens post break up

This is one of the most different phases exhibited by a man and a woman, post-breakup both genders have the fear that how would their life shape up but to their surprise it isn’t the way they had imagined.

When they check out the opposite gender

The way they look at opposite genders says a lot about how they check out their crush, while girls keep it pretty secretive boys let the whole world know.

How to make an impression

It isn’t easy to impress a girl it takes a lot of effort, time, and luck as well if you wish to sweep her off her feet. While boys, on the other hand, it is quite a simple science that works.

Ways to turn on!

It’s like stating the obvious, men don’t need a second invitation to get turned on while girls need a lot of stuff to be done for them to get turned on.

Post Hair Styling

While it definitely is a given that there is a certain difference in the way men and women style their hair but the results post the sessions are ones that are worth paying attention to.

The way they choose their shampoos

Women look at the intrinsic details of the shampoo, their conditioners, their effectiveness, and how it would look for a particular occasion while men would be content enough knowing that it is a shampoo.

When you don’t visit the web

It is a given that the fairer gender is more popular on social media as compared to the men, but to notice this vast difference is really a downer.

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