Miss Canada finalist, 21, dies after opening her parachute too late while skydiving

A 21-year-old TikTok influencer and beauty queen died in a freak skydiving accident after her main parachute failed to open. A friend says it was her first time jumping alone.

Tanya Pardazi, a philosophy student at Toronto University, had completed one course with the with Skydive Toronto in Innisfil, Ontario, making her eligible to go on her own – the fatal Saturday jump from 4,000 feet above the ground.

According to Skydive Toronto, Pardazi ‘released a quickly-rotating main parachute at a low altitude without the time or altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate.’

‘The jumper was a welcomed recent addition to the skydiving community and will be missed amongst the student’s new friends.’

Before taking the leap, Pardazi was taught how to transition to her secondary parachute in the scenario the main one malfunctioned, according to Skydive Ontario.

It is unclear why the main parachute didn’t open. Dailymail.com has reached out to Skydive Toronto for more information.

Pardazi, who reached the semi-finals of the 2017 Miss Teen Canada beauty pageant, was immediately transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Pardazi had finished just one day of ‘ground school,’ where jumpers practice the maneuvers from the safety of the ground, before she was deemed qualified to dive alone.

Her friend, Melody Ozgoli told CTV News Toronto that this was her first time jumping alone.

‘Tanya had an interest in anything that was new and adventurous,’ Ozgoli said. ‘Life was too boring for her and she was always trying to do something adventurous. She really lived every second to the fullest.’

Pardazi had 100k followers on TikTok, where she posted videos talking about a variety of topics, including ancient aliens, art history and animal science.

Her last video, posted on August 22, was about Tetris and a puzzle she finished with the help of Adderall.

It is unclear if Pardazi was attempting the tragic skydiving stunt for a TikTok video.

Her friend Melody Ozgoli remembered her as never having a dull moment.

‘This is the biggest shock to us. It’s very hard to process. It’s been a couple days, but we still don’t believe it.’

Others remembered Pardazi as being ‘brave’ and popular amongst the crowd.

‘Everyone who met her thought the world of her,’ Kimia Sepanlou told CTV News Toronto.

‘Whenever we saw her, we knew we were in for an adventure because she didn’t like letting herself, or the people closest to her, get bored.’

The influencer’s fans responded to her death in disbelief.

‘Rest in Peace my friend,’ one fan wrote. I’m sorry you were taken from us so soon. I hope afterlife is all that you imagined and more, until we meet again.’

Another added, ‘I literally cannot believe she’s gone. I’ve never met her but she’s a huge inspiration for me.’

Pardazi’s death comes more than a month after a skydiver showcased the last moments before he was killed in an accident in southeastern Brazil.

Andrius Jamaico, 38, died after falling on the roof of a home in the São Paulo city of Boituva on July 19.

Footage obtained by Brazilian network TV Globo showed Jamaico receiving directions from a skydiving instructor, Paulo Mirkai, as the businessman was preparing to jump out of the airplane with other skydivers.

Jamaico jumped out of the aircraft with Mirkai holding on to his arm sleeve and leg and at one point confirmed with the instructor that he was aware of the location of the breakaway handle by touching the lever.

The skydiving instructor, who was a camera mounted on top of his helmet, subsequently releases Jamaico, who appeared to be in control before he suddenly stared to spin around.

The instructor was able to grab Jamaico by the leg but lost his grip.

Jamaico, who was skydiving only for the third time, continued to spin as the instructor deployed his parachute with the ground landing spot quickly approaching.

He fell approximately 6,500 feet from the sky and slammed into the residence’s zinc roof panel before falling to the ground. He was declared dead at the scene.

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