Mum-of-16 pregnant again as she gives all of her children names beginning with C

Patty Hernandez, 40, has chosen names beginning with ‘C’ for all of her children – in honour of their father Carlos – and is hoping to reach the magic 20-child milestone

A mum -of-16 is expecting her 17th child just a year after delivering her last baby.

Patty Hernandez, 40, has chosen names beginning with ‘C’ for all of her children – in honour of their father Carlos.

She and her husband, who live in North Carolina, US, plan to keep up the unique tradition for their 17th child.

The family are now awaiting the birth of their latest baby, with the delivery date set for March.

Patty hopes to eventually expand her brood to 20 children, although she said it was all in “God’s hands”.

She told Fabulous magazine: “I’m 13 weeks along and just found out I’m having a baby boy.

“I found out I was pregnant, seven days past ovulation. I have been pregnant for 14 years so I feel blessed, happy, excited and happy to be chosen to have my 17th baby.”

Patty previously said she was confident she would fall pregnant again after the birth of her youngest child last spring because she is “really fertile”.

She gave birth to her 16th child, Clayton, in May last year.

She added: “We are asking God for baby number 18 if it is his will.”

The mum revealed she hopes to eventually have three more boys, bringing her brood to an even 10 boys and 10 girls.

She previously told The Mirror: “We are doing God’s will and our prayer to him is to extend our family more if he wants to.

“We always wanted a big family but never thought God would bless us this much.

“I know I can conceive (again) as I am really fertile and trust God.

“We are thinking of naming the child Carter if he is a boy and Clair if she is a girl.”

She said her last pregnancy was her toughest yet but described the birth as a “blessing from God”.

The mum, who runs a commercial cleaning company with her husband, revealed that they struggled to think up a new name beginning with ‘C’ before Clayton was born.

She said: “We couldn’t figure out a name and then Clayton just popped into my head.

“All the kids have names beginning with ‘C’ and we wanted to keep that going.

“My husband is called Carlos…it’s a tribute to him.”

The couple refuse to use contraception and have sex every day.

Patty said she is always recognised by nurses at the hospital where she delivers her children.

She said: “They were like ‘you were here last year, we see you every year.'”

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