‘My kind of gentleman’: Royal fans gush as video shows Prince Harry opening car door for Meghan Markle

‘Im crying at how gentlemanly prince harry is. never lets meghan open a car door…’ said a royal fan

WINDSOR, UK: Royal fans were impressed after a video showed Prince Harry opening and closing Meghan Markle’s car door for her during the walkabout with Prince William and Kate Middleton outside Windsor Castle. An appearance of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the gates of Windsor Castle has surprised fans. The four spent time talking to those who gathered outside after the Queen died at Balmoral on Thursday, September 8, aged 96.

The ‘Fab Four’, as they were referred to before Meghan and Harry refused to carry on their royal duties, entered a vehicle after the 40-minute walkabout. While William entered the driver’s seat with Kate by his side, Harry and Meghan sat in the back. A video shared online shows Harry opening and closing his wife’s car door for her.

On Saturday, September 10, Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with Harry and Meghan, appeared in black at Windsor Castle to witness the floral tributes laid outside the gates of the Berkshire estate. This was the first time the four of them appeared together in public since Commonwealth Day on March 9, 2020, before the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Harry and Meghan quit frontline duties two years ago and later made several allegations against The Firm. However, the two royal couples came together to greet those who had gathered to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and to look through the tributes that her admirers had left outside the palace, including flowers and handwritten inscriptions covering the ground.

A well-wisher who spoke to Harry and Meghan told Daily Mail, “It’s lovely to see them both together. Maybe they can get back to a proper relationship. Lovely ripple went through the crowd as they approached. Hopefully the healing between Harry and his brother can start now. I’m just so excited to have seen them both together. It’s lovely.”

“We couldn’t believe it when the gates opened, and we saw William and Harry walk down with Meghan and Kate. I’ll be honest there was a little bit of a groan when Harry and Meghan came down our side, but I passed him a bunch of flowers and he was happy to take them,” said another mourner. “I’m pleased that they came out together and as a family I’m delighted that they all took the time to come and say hello to the crowds. Sad things like funerals bring families together so I hope that when they get back to California they think long and hard about everything that’s happened.”


‘My kind of gentleman’

Social media has been swooning over Harry’s gesture towards Meghan ever since the video of him opening and closing the car door of her surfaced. “i just can’t NOT share this: prince harry opening the car door for meghan and making sure she got in safely, and going to his side of the car but not before shaking hands with some supporters nearby before leaving, all despite of the circumstances,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Harry opened the car door for Meghan and returned back to the other side to enter the car. My kind of gentleman,” wrote another. One user said, “harry is incredibly protective of meghan the way he guards the car door until she’s safely inside the car melts my heart.”

“Harry held the car door open for Meghan, William just got in the car and did not open door for Kate, Harry truly loves his wife,” one user wrote, while another said, “im crying at how gentlemanly prince harry is. never lets meghan open a car door, alw holds her hands, makes sure shes okay in front of the press…. i mean….” “Just watching a bit of the news and watching Harry and William walking through the crowds, one thing I noticed was Harry holding the car door open so Meghan could get in before getting in himself, it doesn’t matter if your a prince or a common man, manners are always present,” one user commented.

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