‘My rude neighbour had a parcel sent to my house – I refuse to give it back’

A woman has been left irritated and confused after an unfriendly neighbour purposely got a parcel delivered to her address – despite refusing to speak in the street

It’s no secret that neighbours can absolutely make or break where you live.

If you’re blessed with kind neighbours who will stop to speak to you in the street and will gladly take in your Amazon packages, then consider yourself lucky.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever been slightly less fortunate with your neighbours, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than living next to inconsiderate people – whether it’s making too much noise all night or being selfish with parking space.

Unfortunately, one woman has been stuck with the latter for the last three years as she claims her next-door neighbour has made it very clear they have no desire to be ‘neighbourly.’

“This neighbour has lived next to me for three years, all through lockdowns. They’ve made it very clear they didn’t want to be neighbourly, for example when I wave if we pass each other etc, they make eye contact but ignore me,” the woman wrote on Mumsnet .

“I pull over so we pass each other on the small road. They refuse to, even if it means me reversing 20 metres and they would have to reverse a couple of feet.”

Despite all of this, the woman has been left a little confused after having a parcel delivered with her neighbour’s name but her address on it.

“They’ve used the second line of the address to say ‘deliver to (their door number)’ so it looks like they deliberately had it ordered to my number,” she continued.

“Why would anyone do that? Would I be unreasonable to just send the parcel back without giving it to them?”

After publishing the post, the woman was met with mixed responses, with several Mumsnet users suggesting the address could be a technical error – but others weren’t convinced.

“I’d assume a c*** up they couldn’t correct on the website,” one user suggested.

“Wait for them to collect it then ask them not to send it to you again. Then never accept another parcel without checking who it’s for if you don’t want to deal with it again.”

However, another argued: “Cheeky t***s. I assume it’s just been left on your doorstep and not handed to you. I’d just leave it outside your house.”

A third wrote: “We had a neighbour do this. I had never spoken to her before and parcels kept turning up.

“When I asked, she said it should be fine as I was on maternity and am in any way! I never took another parcel in for her. Just told postie that I refused!”


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