Piers Morgan praises Princess Anne’s ‘selfless devotion to duty’ following death of Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON, UK: Piers Morgan, the TalkTV host, lauded Princess Anne after her mother, the late Queen, died on Thursday, September 8. On Sunday, September 11, Morgan made a worthy tribute to the late monarch’s only daughter by posting a picture of her riding in a car behind the hearse transporting her mother’s body on Twitter.

Morgan, 57, who started his career in 1988 at The Sun, has long criticized Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. He has never shied away from addressing Markle’s controversial actions. This time, Morgan took a different approach, praising Princess Anne “the best of the greatest of royalty” as “selfless” on his Twitter profile.

Morgan wrote on Twitter, “Princess Anne is being driven in a car behind her mother’s hearse for six hours from Balmoral to Edinburgh, grief etched on her face. Anne never gets enough credit for her own selfless devotion to duty & decorum. Like the late Queen, she represents the very best of royalty.”

The candid host, who frequently causes uproar with his remarks, was showered with love in reaction to his words. One individual wrote, “A rare occasion where I 100% agree with you,” while another agreeing to Morgan added, “Princess Anne deserves all the credit she gets. She’s a ruddy hard worker. I hope her prominence within the family is elevated.”

Another royal watcher also highlighted Princess Anne’s hardwork, writing, “She has been named the ‘hardest working Royal.’ She has over 380 engagements per year, and is involved in more than 300 charities. Makes me tired just thinking about it.” A fourth chimed in, “The only reasonable and humble one of the bunch.”

Morgan, a fervent royalist, has been outspoken ever since the Queen’s passing, which is not surprising. Following the new king’s first public speech, he said, “That was a great speech by a good man. The Queen is dead… Long live The King!”

Morgan made his remarks about Princess Anne as the hearse carrying the Queen’s body travelled through towns and cities in Scotland, including Aberdeen and Perth. Well-wishers lined both sides of the road as the hearse completed it’s journey before it arrived at St Giles’ Cathedral.

Hundreds of people are expected to pay their respects over a four-day period leading up to the Queen’s formal funeral on September 19. The Royal Family confirmed that there would be a time of “Royal Mourning” for seven days following the funeral. The memorial service will be held within Westminster Abbey, where the Queen married Prince Philip in 1947 and was coronated in 1953.

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