Princess Charlotte, 7, Is The Picture Of Grace As She Tips Her Hat And Bows To Honor Queen

Princess Charlotte is honoring the queen in a number of special ways during her funeral on Monday.

The 7-year-old daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton looked so grown up when she arrived at Westminster Abbey. The princess was dressed in all black, matching her mother.

She also wore a hat and a small diamond brooch in the shape of a horseshoe. It seemed to be a clear tribute to her great-grandmother, who was so fond of horses. Young Charlotte is said to share that love of horses and has been learning to ride.

In a touching moment, the young princess bowed in honor of the queen. In doing so, she looked years beyond her young age.

According to People, the princess’s parents, William and Kate, were careful in deciding whether their two eldest two children would participate in the procession and service.

With the queen’s death, Kate and William’s children have now become the second, third, and fourth in line to the throne. Their titles have changed, as well. Young Charlotte went from being Princess of Cambridge to Princess Charlotte of Wales.

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