Queen and Prince Charles have a rare moment

At the State Opening of Parliament, 2019

Charles escorted his mother to the throne for one of her royal duties: opening parliament every year. The future king would take that task on for the first time in May of 2022.

The 2012 Braemar Highland Gathering

The Queen and Prince Charles have a rare moment of uncontrolled laughter together as they take in a children’s sack race at an event in Braemar, Scotland.

During a Polo Match, 1956

The Queen and her son (seen at a polo match in Windsor) shared a love of riding; he would go on to play polo and she rode horses up until the last year of her life.

Crowning Charles Prince of Wales, 1962

The Queen crowns Charles during his investiture ceremony to become Prince of Wales, at Caernarvon Castle.

At Windsor Castle, 1969

Occasionally, the royal family would share glimpses into their family life, including this sweet shot of the Queen and her eldest son conversing, while her youngest son Edward looks on.

The 2006 Braemar Highland Gathering

Clearly a perennial favorite for the family, the mother and son get a kick out of a tug-of-war game going on.

At a Polo Match, 2003

After playing a polo match in Windsor, Charles gave his mother a chivalrous kiss on the hand.

At HIs Wedding, 2005

The Queen smiles approvingly at Charles and his new bride Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, after they exchanged vows at Windsor Castle.

At Balmoral, 1952

The Queen is seen here at Balmoral with a four-year-old Charles in his toy car.

Reading a Biography of Her Mother, 2009

The mother and son hold one of the first copies of the official biography of Queen Elizabeth’s mother, who died in 2002 at the age of 92, entitled Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, The Official Biography.

At the Chelsea Flower Show, 2009

Charles, a passionate environmentalist and gardener, was presented with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Victoria Medal of Honour by the Queen — a high honor rarely bestowed by the society. He was the second royal to earn it, the first being his grandmother Elizabeth.

At the Queen’s Jubilee, 2022

Grandkids were a soft spot for the Queen and now Charles; they’re seen here chatting with Louis (Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest) on the balcony at the Queen’s Jubilee.

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