Restaurant SUES customer who left eye-watering $3,000 tip for waitress

A Pennsylvania restaurant famous from a mention by the hit-show ‘The Office’ is suing a customer for more than $3,000 after the patron left a very generous tip for a waitress and than disputed the charge on his credit card — leaving the restaurant to dole out the cash for their server.

Mariana Lambert, a waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, was elated when a customer left several thousands of dollars as a tip for her service.

She felt like she had just hit the jackpot, until the generous patron decided he wanted the money back and now the restaurant is taking the man to court.

The customer identified as Eric Smith had ordered a stromboli that cost just $13.25. He charged the item on his credit card, added the $3,000 tip and wrote: ‘Tips For Jesus.’

The male patron claimed that the generous tip was part of a social media movement called Tips for Jesus.

Lambert who was ‘in shock’ said it was an extremely generous gesture that ‘really touched my heart,’ during a time when many people and businesses were getting back on their feet after COVID.

‘It really meant a lot to me because everyone’s going through stuff,” she said.

But, Lambert learned that the generous customer wasn’t so generous, after all, and disputed the charge with his credit card company.

The restaurant however had already handed over the $3,000 to Lambert.

When the restaurant reached out to Smith about the charge he was disputing they had hoped that it was just a big misunderstanding and they had started speaking with Smith through Facebook.

Restaurant management was hoping to resolve the incident, but, after many of their posts went unanswered they had to get the magistrate’s office involved and file charges.

Zachary Jacobson, the manager at Alfredo’s Cafe described the entire ordeal as ‘aggravating.’

‘We’re just out of money at this point and he told us to sue him so that is what we are going to end up doing, I guess,’ Jacobson said, in part, WNEP News reported.

Jacobson said initially when his server got the staggering tip he was happy for Lambert and said, ‘somebody was actually trying to do a good thing.’

Three months later and nothing has been resolved. He is hoping they will win in court and get their $3,000 back

In the meantime, he is calling Lambert a ‘hardworking’ waitress who was deserving of the money and the incident as a ‘a nice piece of PR for a small business.”

‘I hope that he owns up to his actions and comes forth and does pay this because you shouldn’t have done this if this was the end result,” he said.

On Season 4 of ‘The Office’ Alfredo’s Pizza CafĂ© was mentioned in the episode: ‘The Launch Party’ ‘Do you know which is best? Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe or Pizza by Alfredo?”

Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe is a real restaurant in Scranton. Pizza by Alfredo is not.

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