Royal fans spot moment Meghan ‘refused to let go of floral tributes’

‘I told them I’d put them over there’: Meghan Markle’s awkward exchange with royal aides as they help her and Harry with flowers while greeting well-wishers at Windsor gates

  • Duchess of Sussex appeared alongside her husband Prince Harry and William and Kate on Saturday in their first public appearance together since 2020
  • Meghan had ‘wanted to walk flowers over to the huge floral tribute’ at Windsor gates – but was asked by aides to hand over the tribute blooms
  • After a little to-ing and fro-ing, Meghan, 41, eventually did, politely thanking the aides accompanying the royal couple for their help
  • The walkabout appears to signal a thawing in relations between Princes William and Harry – it’s thought the couples may sit near each other at Queen’s funeral

A video clip from Windsor on Sunday shows the Duchess of Sussex working with Royal aides to collect floral tributes – with fans spotting an apparently fleeting disagreement over what should happen to the bouquets.

Meghan, 41, received a generally warm reaction from the crowd in Windsor as she returned to royal life alongside Prince Harry for a surprise appearance with the Prince and Princess of Wales on Saturday afternoon.

When approached by an aide who wanted to take the growing number of floral tributes from her, footage shows the royal initially said she would place them at the gates herself, before a second aide asked again moments later and the Duchess politely thanked them for their help and eventually handed over the blooms.

The walkabout marked an apparent thawing between Prince William and Harry and their wives as they made their first public appearance since March 2020.

United in grief over the Queen’s death, the quartet, once dubbed the ‘fab four’ appeared in black at Windsor Castle on Saturday to inspect the sea of floral tributes laid outside the gates of the Berkshire estate and chat to those who’d gathered to pay their respects to the late Queen.

While the foursome were greeted by applause as they walked through the gates of Windsor Castle together to honour the legacy of Her Majesty, there was some speculation from bystanders that the Duchess of Sussex had been reluctant to hand over flowers to an aide that had been passed to her by a well-wisher.

The mother-of-two could be seen taking flowers from royal fans in the crowd, who appeared keen for their bouquets to be added to a large floral tribute in front of the gates.

Meghan gestured to a royal aide that she was happy to continue collecting the flowers in her arms, before being approached by a second member of staff, who appeared to tell her they had to take them from her.

It was only when she was approached by another royal aide that she did hand the flowers across, her apparent promise to take flowers to the gates herself broken.

Royal fans speculated that Meghan did not know aides wanted to take the flowers from her for her own safety.

Some pointed out that the bouquets could contain dangerous substances or explosives, which is why royals should not carry them.

The royal mother-of-two, who stepped back from royal duty last year and now lives in her $14 million mansion in the US, has released a series of bombshell interviews in the last 18 months about her time in the royal family.

Meghan was seen cooing over babies in the crowd and even offered hugs out to some of the mourners waiting – but others in the crowd greeted Meghan with stony faces this evening as she took part in the walkabout.

Saturday’s reunion marked the first time that the two couples have all appeared in public since Commonwealth Day on March 9, 2020, just weeks before the Covid lockdown.

Harry and Meghan, who sensationally quit frontline duties two years ago to strike out on their own in California and then levied a series of bombshell allegations against The Firm, held hands as they looked at the tributes, with Harry at one point affectionately putting his hand on Meghan’s back.

Harry and Meghan, who sensationally quit frontline duties two years ago to strike out on their own in California and then levied a series of bombshell allegations against The Firm, held hands as they looked at the tributes, with Harry at one point affectionately putting his hand on Meghan’s back.

They were seen pointing at different tributes and discussing them as members of the crowd waved at them.

A Kensington Palace source said that the Prince of Wales invited the Sussexes to join him and the Princess of Wales earlier on Saturday.

The Sussexes’ friend and preferred journalist Omid Scobie later claimed on Twitter that the invitation was made at the ’11th hour’.

However, hinting that William is prepared to extend Harry an olive branch and work towards melting the ice between them, he declared: ‘It is, without a doubt, a significant moment in the history of the relationship between the two brothers’.

At one moment, a small Paddington Bear was given to William, which he passed on to an aide. He was seen lightly touching Kate’s back at one moment as she crouched down again to speak to a child at the front of the gates.

Kate crouched down at one moment and began speaking to a child who had started to cry. The child stopped crying when Kate approached her.

Meanwhile the Duchess of Sussex was seen being given a close hug by a young girl in the crowd at Windsor Castle.

Meghan walked over to a section of the crowd and approached a teenager, who was seen putting her hand over her mouth in shock. The pair spoke briefly for a few moments and Meghan could be seen assuring her by putting her hand on her shoulder.

The girl then said: ‘Can I have a hug?’ and Meghan was seen nodding, before leaning in and giving her a big hug. The touching moment was filmed by other members in the crowd.

It comes as it is believed that William and Harry could walk side by side behind the Queen’s coffin at her funeral next week in a potential royal truce, according to reports.

Days after the Prince of Wales offered his brother an ‘olive branch’ by inviting him on a walkaround to meet mourners outside Windsor, there is a suggestion they could put their differences aside during the time of national mourning.

The pair had been separated by their cousin Peter Phillips at the funeral of Prince Phillip last year, and since then have only been seen in public together once before Saturday’s surprise walk.

What form the truce takes at the Queen’s funeral on Monday, September 19, remains to be seen, with reports suggesting that Prince Andrew is also set to play a key role despite controversies in the last few years.

The Duke of York is expected to join his family as they unite in their grief, with sources saying it would be ‘out of the question’ for him to be excluded.

However, despite this apparent reprieve for the disgraced prince, there would seem to be no way back into public life for him, with both the king and the Prince of Wales previously saying he would have no formal role during their reigns.

It comes as the royal family attempts to put on a united front during the period of national mourning, as they try to put aside their differences for the greater good following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral on Thursday.

While arrangements for the funeral service are still being ironed out, the

reports that discussions are underway that could see William and Harry stand side by side during the procession.

It would mark a significant improvement in their relationship – at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip in April last year, the pair were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips.

However, relations between the brothers seem to have improved since then, with William inviting Harry to meet wellwishers and mourners outside Windsor on Saturday.

The 11th-hour ‘olive branch’ was offered by William to his brother as hundreds of people gathered outside the royal residence to pay tribute to Her Majesty.

The brothers, accompanied by their wives, greeted mourners outside the gates of the royal residence and thanked them for their tributes and condolences.

The Sun reports an insider as saying: ‘We are certainly not in the same place as Philip’s funeral when William and Harry didn’t walk side by side.

‘Things haven’t changed but it is not as intense and they can co-exist.

‘But the flower visit really doesn’t change anything. It is the same situation as at Prince Philip’s funeral when William and Harry put their differences aside and supported each other and their families in that moment.’

The temporary nature of the truce could be laid bare in the coming months with Harry set to release his ‘tell-all’ memoirs and Meghan set to continue her series of podcasts.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plunged the monarchy into crisis during the twilight years of the Queen’s reign after sensationally quitting frontline royal duties and moving to California two years ago – a saga which precipitated the rift between Harry and his brother William, allegations of racism against the royals and claims the Firm failed to help a suicidal Meghan.

After their bombshell interview with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Harry appeared to suggest, in a mental health podcast, that his father and the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had all failed as parents – while the family was still mourning Prince Philip’s death last year.

The Duke of Sussex had grief etched on his face as he was swept into the grounds of Windsor Castle this afternoon after losing a race against time to get to his grandmother’s bedside before she died yesterday.

King Charles III went to Buckingham Palace to meet fellow mourners this afternoon where he shook hands and accepted their condolences to cries of ‘God save the King’ and impromptu renditions of the national anthem. One woman kissed him on the cheek. He also inspected flowers and tributes left for his late mother at the gates before entering the palace.

Harry landed at Heathrow yesterday lunchtime after jumping on an early morning BA flight where he comforted an airport worker with a reassuring hand on her shoulder after she gave him her condolences.

He left Balmoral after 12 hours mourning his grandmother with his father and brother – but despite the brevity of the visit, the Sussexes are not expected to return to California until after the state funeral, currently expected to be ten days from now on Monday, September 19.

The Duke of Sussex was the last royal to arrive at the Aberdeenshire castle on Thursday and the first to leave on Friday morning.

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