‘Someone give her a scrunchie’: ‘Nervous’ Meghan constantly fidgeted with hair during walkabout with royals

WINDSOR, UK: Meghan Markle, her husband Prince Harry and her in-laws Prince William and Kate Middleton made a rare public appearance in front of Windsor Castle on Saturday, September 10. The two royal couples came together to greet those who had gathered to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and to look through the tributes that her admirers had left outside the palace, including flowers and handwritten inscriptions covering the ground.

However, one thing that stood out was how uneasy Meghan seemed as they were strolling around Windsor. Royal admirers remarked that she was “nervous” since she didn’t seem to know whether it was appropriate for her to wave goodbye like Prince William did.

Many of the Duchess of Sussex’s fans on Twitter expressed their skepticism about the walkabout, while others offered their own views. One individual wrote, “Meghan seems really nervous. But great to see them together,” while another added, “Harry’s wife look so nervous being around William. Look how she follows his lead and keeps her head down. lol.”

Another individual wrote, “Absolutely haunted by that video at the end of the Windsor walkabout and how nervous Meghan Markle looked, how anxious not to put a finger wrong and incite the ire of an entire national press corp. Such a f**ked up situation.” Another person who appreciated the four of them appearing together wrote: “It really was quite something to watch. They seem to acknowledge and understand the emotion of the country and the affection for her majesty following her passing 🙏.” One more chimed in, “So happy to see them together ❤️.”

During their walkabout, Harry and Meghan were much more touchy to show support for one another than the Prince and Princess of Wales, who maintained a united front while standing apart from one another and without holding hands or caressing. The Sussexes proceeded to visit the grieving royal fans as the Cambridges walked across the street to the opposite side.

The two royal couples departed the venue in the same car, which was being driven by Prince William. William and Harry haven’t spoken much to one another since the Sussexes abandoned their royal responsibilities. The Sussexes have made headlines for their fierce criticism of the Firm, which has led to a rift between the two brothers.

The funeral service for the late Queen Elizabeth II is planned to take place on Monday, September 19, at 11 am at the Westminster Abbey. Royal analyst and former British public affairs staffer Shannon Felton Spence has disclosed that Meghan may be skipping the event, according to Fox News Digital. When the Queen died, Harry and Meghan were already in the UK. The royal expert believes that Meghan would fly back to California before the funeral to be with their children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1.

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