‘The old b**** has died’: Argentinian TV host celebrates the Queen’s death on air by popping champagne

BEUNOS AIRES: An Argentinian TV host has triggered outrage when he went viral for celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s death by popping champagne while on air. TV host Santiago Cuneo was also heard saying “the old b***h has died.”

Cuneo was midway through the live broadcast of his Buenos Aires based show when he received news of the Queen’s demise. A video clip that has gone viral on social media shows Cuneo surrounded by blue and white balloons which represent the Argentinian flag. He is seen popping open a bottle of bubbly, clapping, and prompty declaring, “The old bag of s*** has died”, which also flashed on the screen. “She’s done for good,” he continued, “Loud applause for Satan who has finally taken her.”

Many Twitter users posted the video while people expressed mixed opinions on the subject. While Cuneo laughed the Queen’s death off, the Argentinian government posted a tribute, saying that the nation “accompanies the British people and her family in this moment of grief,” according to The New York Post. Cuneo’s reaction to the Queen’s death might have been motivated by resentment for the 1982 British takeover of the Argentinean-controlled Falkland Islands in South America. While some expressed appreciation of Cuneo’s behavior, others voiced their dissatisfaction. “Well his country was waxed into irrelevance by the Brits in ‘82, so he’s probably still harboring a grudge,” one user wrote. “I don’t know what’s worse: people that celebrate the passing of another, or those that are ok with this behavior,” another penned, condemning the act.

“He’ll always be bald,” another user said, mocking the journalist back. Another wrote, “England invading Argentina is way worse.” “95% of argentinians think the same, the rest have already emigrated,” a fifth user stated.

The viral clip is continuing to garner more views and attract the opinions of more people across social media. While Cuneo’s actions may have come off as okay to some part of his audience, the journalist has a history of not setting good examples while on air. He was sacked from Cronica TV in 2019 because it was claimed that he propagated anti-Semitic rumors. Cuneo was charged with agitating for the establishment of a Jewish state in Argentina.

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