VIDEO: Armed Asian Store Employees Turn The Tables On Attacker In Texas

When Asian store employees came under attack in Texas, the armed clerks quickly turned the tables on the assailant — and it was all caught on video.

Although the details are few and far between, a very disturbing video has gone viral online after capturing an altercation inside a convenience store in Dallas, Texas, according to Journal Beat. The confrontation appears to have begun after a woman became belligerent with two Asian store employees before launching into a physical attack. Unfortunately for her, the clerks were armed and able to quickly turn the tables.

In the video footage, filmed by someone who appears to be a friend of the attacker, the belligerent woman is seen barging her way into an employee-only area of the Dallas convenience store. After pushing open a door separating the customer area from the employee area behind the counter, the woman proceeded to shove one of the Asian store employees into a shelf. She’d soon realize, however, she bit off more than she could chew when she decided to target the clerks.

South Dallas last night

— Dallas Texas TV (@DallasTexasTV) June 18, 2021

“Don’t disrespect me!” the woman screamed while pointing at the older Asian store employee before marching towards the elderly man, “who attempted to keep his distance from her by stiff-arming her,” according to The Blaze. After steamrolling the man and pushing him into the wall while yelling, “F*** is wrong with you!” the woman learned the hard way that she didn’t have the upper hand as the other employee brandished a firearm.

“Don’t shoot her! Nah. Don’t shoot her! Don’t shoot her!” a witness is heard yelling after the Asian store employee is seen armed with a handgun. Luckily for the belligerent woman, the armed clerk doesn’t shoot, but that doesn’t stop both men from subduing the intruder as the older man unleashes a fury of fast punches while the other employee whips her with the pistol.

“Stop! Get out!” the gun-wielding man screamed as the Asian store employees rain down blow after blow on her, striking her in the stomach and head. The mood quickly changes as a fury of fists forces the attacker to attempt to retreat as she begs for mercy and pleads with the store employees to stop retaliating against her, even though the assailant was unabashedly attacking the clerks only moments before.

“Chill out, chill out, alright chill out, alright chill out!” she cried out, hoping the armed employees, who were now getting the best of her, will show her the grace and compassion she failed to have for them when she launched her attack. Meanwhile, at least two witnesses watch helplessly, realizing the detriment the woman was now in.

The attacker’s companions can be heard seething about the turn of events in the footage, whining that the elderly store proprietors were fighting back — and winning. “Aw man, they got a pistol fam, they got a pistol, he got a pistol, that’s the only reason I ain’t gone back there yet,” one of the witnesses is heard saying, seething in frustration about the turn of event and attempting to justify his inaction.

“I know, I’m gonna get him when he comes out, he got that gun right there fam. Look, look, look,” the man who is recording the video says, threatening the Asian store employees, according to National File. He soon has a swift change of heart, however, as the cameraman begins to yell, “That’s enough! That’s enough! That’s enough! Hey! Hey!” as the two store clerks beat up the assailant.

A third store employee, who is also elderly, then emerges, coming out of the back of the building armed with a flashlight just before the now-viral video ends with the woman being subdued. Although there was no indication whether there were any arrests as a result of the altercation, there’s still a lesson to be learned here: Do not underestimate your opponent, especially in a country that affords victims the right to defend themselves with a firearm, thanks to the Second Amendment.

This woman obviously thought she had the upper hand against an elderly man. She quickly demonstrated, however, why a gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning that a small or elderly person with a gun is equal to a large or younger person. Thankfully, the Asian employees were prepared to defend themselves and their store — or this video might have become evidence in a murder investigation. Instead, these men were able to defend themselves from a violent attack, evening the playing field with a pistol.


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