Will Smith Says He’s Being “Followed” By These Animals In Ecuador – E! Online

Just weeks after encountering “a big ass spider,” Will was visited by some interesting feathered friends while on a trip in South America.

Will Smith is becoming a regular with the animal encounters.

While on a trip in South America, the King Richard star was visited by some exotic feathered friends.

“We just sitting here in the spot in Ecuador and this is the kind of stuff that happens,” he says in a video posted to Instagram on Sept. 3. “Just a peacock at the window.”

In the clip, set to the Too $hort’s track “Blow the Whistle,” Will films the curious bird peering into his window up above before it is joined by a buddy.

“Oh he looking now too like, ‘Yo. Yep I see you too,'” he continued. “Now it’s two peacocks, what up yo.”

He captioned the hilarious post, “Why are these animals following me everywhere??”

Just weeks earlier, Will, 53, shared a video of himself and his son Trey Smith, 29, facing off against a huge spider. In the clip posted to Instagram, the duo notice that a tarantula was just a few feet away from them. “What in the hell,” Will says while filming the video. “That is a big ass spider.”

Someone else in the clip, presumably Trey, adds, “That’s a tarantula.”

Will then laughs and shows his feet, commenting that he is standing up on a chair to be away from the ground on which the spider is walking. He captioned the video, “Posting this from a Holiday Inn.”

Perhaps the actor manifested his recent animal experiences. On Aug. 29, Will—who had remained virtually silent on social media for nearly five month after slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars in March—posted a video of a baby gorilla poking a large adult gorilla.

In the clip, the baby gorilla nervously walks up to the adult gorilla and pokes its back before running away. The baby gorilla does it again and the adult gorilla runs after him in anger.

The video was captioned, “Me trying to get back on social media.”


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